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Sertoli Cell Syndrome

Sertoli cell only syndrome (SCO):

Sertoli cell only syndrome (SCO syndrome) is a condition of the testes that causes infertility in males due to having only Sertoli cells (cells that nurture immature sperm) lining the seminiferous tubules (tubes inside the testicles where sperm develop). Men typically learn they are affected between ages 20-40 when being evaluated for infertility and are found to have no sperm production (azoospermia). The diagnosis is made based on testicular biopsy findings.


How common is Sertoli cell-only syndrome?

The prevalence of Sertoli cell-only (SCO) syndrome in the overall population is estimated to be low. Approximately 10% of couples are affected by infertility; of these couples, approximately 30% have a pure male factor as the underlying cause, and another 20% have a combined male and female factor. Although precise figures are difficult to obtain, it is estimated that less than 5%-10% of these infertile men have SCO syndrome. Information is limited due to the nature of the condition, as only men who have been thoroughly evaluated for infertility (including a testicular biopsy, which is necessary for the diagnosis) have been reported.

Sign and Symptoms:

Signs and symptoms are rare, but are secondary to the underlying condition causing Sertoli cell-only syndrome. Most cases are idiopathic (of unknown cause), but causes may include deletions in the azoospermia factor (AZF) region of the Y chromosome, or Y-chromosome micro deletions (referred to as Y chromosome infertility); Klinefelter syndrome; exposure to chemicals and toxins; history of radiation therapy; and history of severe trauma. There is not currently a known effective treatment for the condition. When no germ cells are visible in any seminiferous tubules it is considered Sertoli cell-only syndrome type I if germ cells are present in a minority of tubules is it considered Sertoli cell-only syndrome type II.

Primary testicular failure occurs in approximately 1% of all men, and is present in 10% of those obtaining medical consultation for infertility. Sertoli cell-only syndrome (SCOS), also known as germinal cell aplasia, is not an uncommon finding in testicular biopsies that are performed in these patients. The salient histopathologic feature of SCOS is the absence of germ cells. The seminiferous tubules are lined by Sertoli cells which may resemble immature (prepubertal) or mature Sertoli cells, or have other changes which may correlate with specific etiologies and clinical findings. Many of these patients are karyotypically normal and have normal secondary male sexual characteristics, yet are infertile and azoospermic (having no detectable sperm counts), or at most have very low sperm counts.


Treatment of Sertoli Cell-only Syndrome:

A Natural essential products treatment at Imran'z Medical Center has proven to act at the deepest level, stimulating the germ cells and thus helping in the treatment of Sertoli cell-only syndrome. A treatment protocol devised according to your specific needs and combining it with our research in nutritional science can help your wife to conceive naturally at the earliest.


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