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Counselling is a process where, by talking to a professional about how you’re feeling, you can work out, or try to change, the things that cause you distress.The counselling team comprises a male and a female therapist, plus one psychotherapy student.

We provide counselling for individuals and couples, for up to 6-10 sessions where necessary. Issues we cover include : sexual functioning, sexuality and gender issues, STI and HIV counselling, non-ACC covered sexual abuse, sexual compulsion. Finding out that you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) can be frightening and overwhelming.The good news is that most sexually transmitted infections can be cured and almost all can be managed with medication. However you might find that counselling can help you come to terms with the diagnosis of an STI.


The benefits of counselling:

Discovering that you have a sexually transmitted infection can trigger powerful emotions that can be hard to deal with. 

It can be hard dealing with the reactions of friends and other family members too, and even figuring out if or when you should tell them. You may also have to make significant changes to your life in order to stay healthy and protect others around you.Speaking with a counsellor trained in matters of sexual health could help you cope. This can be done over the phone in some cases but it's usually best done face-to-face.The counsellor will work through any areas you're finding difficult and assist you in resolving any feelings you find troublesome. A few sessions with a counsellor will help you understand more clearly what you need to do and when it's best to do it and help you gather the emotional strength to get through it.

Relationships and sex counselling:

Relationship counselling can help overcome a number of relationship and sexual problems, whether you seek help alone or with your partner you might find it helpful to have someone to facilitate you as you work through your challenges.


Finding a counsellor:

Your doctor or staff at your sexual health service should offer you counselling in the event of a positive result. If not, ask them about seeing a counsellor.You may also be able to arrange to see a counsellor through local projects and charities.