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Unexplained Heart Palpitations:

Unexplained palpitations are palpitations that come and the doctor cannot find a reason for their being there. It is very important to see you Primary Health Provider first if you have palpitations, so heart disease can be ruled out.With unexplained palpitations there is no evidence of any malfunction of the heart, and yet palpitations keep occurring often in the early morning.



Medically unexplained symptoms tend to be quite general problems, such as:




Heart Palpitations 

Shortness of breath

Dizziness and feeling sick 



Our explanation and solution may sound a little strange, because Natural Essential Product theory is not a biochemical theory, it is bioelectric.Everything is centered on you and your energy and if that energy is flowing freely in the body.With unexplained palpitations, the explanation will not be hormonal or mechanical.It will be energetic.And then the herbal formulas will be chosen to bring back what is missing nutritionally and help the body rebalance.  

Natural Essential Medicines sees these palpitations driven by a lack of energy.You know it as the energy you run on when you run out of energy.Vitality, longevity, fertility, sexual vitality all depend on a good foundation of this energy in the body.It is described as the substance that keeps not only your skin moist and youthful, but also keeps your internal organ symptoms youthful and supple. 

If your body energy is getting low you may feel tired 3-5 every afternoon.We watch for this pattern.This energy shows up physically as sexual fluids, cervical mucus, moisture in the skin, moisture in the eyes.This dryness can occur because of working hard for many years, or because you live in an environment where it is hot and dry, because you have had surgery, or lot hormonal treatments trying to get pregnant. All of these burn this energy.  In Natural essential formulas staying young and healthy, recovering from operations, renewing fertility all depend upon replenishing the body's Yin.

It is now easy to understand energetically why hot flashes occur.Simply, you are a car whose coolant has run low.You are overheating. Replenish the coolant and the overheating disappears.This applies to hot flashes.It also applies to palpitations.Your hormones may also fall out of balance what we call ''deficient.''As the energy is restored, and the palpitations disappear the hormones rebalance as well. 

Do you have to take these formulas forever?  No,They are not drugs.Once the symptoms disappear, however, it is good to continue on a modified program for 6 months to a year. These formulas are supplying nutrition the body obviously needs, and it is good to give the body enough time to heal enough that they do not come back.If you are older and have an intense work schedule, or work nights, you might have to stay on at least the calm energy until your lifestyle is easier on you.


Our Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to share our valuable knowledge with other couples who are struggling to get pregnant. If you are in this situation, the most important thing to know is that you are the most powerful player in this game. What you can do for yourself is life changing. Your doctor can identify the high FSH, and override it with Estrogen to bring it down. Only you have the chance to recover balance naturally.