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Bleeding Between Cycle

Bleeding Between Cycle:

Vaginal bleeding between periods is also called intermenstrual bleeding, spotting, and metrorrhagia. When bleeding occurs between normal periods, there are many possible causes. Because spotting can indicate a serious underlying condition, you should see your doctor for testing, diagnosis, and treatment options. Potential causes include growths in the uterus or cervix, a miscarriage, vaginal dryness, a hormone imbalance, and cancer.


Symptoms of Bleeding Between Cycle:

If you bleed between cycles you may 

 Feel fatigued often

 Not sleep well

 Lose interest in Sex

 Have a less than normal Endometrium wall

 Have Sallow skin (grey and dull)


A normal cycle lasts from 2-7 days and may have 2 days of heavy bleeding (not to the point where you have to change pads at night).  With a normal period you will lose about 8 Tablespoons of blood (80 ml).

It is obvious if you bleed too often you are losing more blood than you should.  So, of course, you want to build back blood.  But it may be difficult to build back your blood supply if your digestion is weak.  (Signs of a weak digestive system (any two of the following): soft stools, gas and/or bloating, no interest in eating in the morning, slight scalloping on the sides of the tongue).  Signs of blood deficiency:  pale tongue (color under the white coating), low energy, inability to fall asleep easily, fatigue.  Signs of anemia: same as blood deficiency but the tongue is paler and the sides of the tongue are lighter than the middle)

Our solution for benign bleeding between cycles in focused on your building your strength and vitality. You are bleeding between cycles because your digestive system is not strong enough.  Also, if you tend to chill easily this can drag down your energy.  Lack of energy, cold energy creates a situation where it is not easy for the body to do its job.  Your power generator (your digestive system) is tired. Lack of vitality brings less interest in sex and less energy to support your daily schedule.  So the cycle needs to be broken.  Not just with herbal formulas, but with food and movement therapy.


 Build digestive strength

 Built blood with the right formulas for you

 Learn which healing foods will help you, which will hurt, and why

Do some simple energy exercises to activate stronger digestion

Look for:

 More energy

No more bleeding between cycles

►Better sleep

►Happier disposition

Glowing skin

Healthy endometrium wall


Note: it is very important to check with you doctor to rule out anything serious.  Go with the idea it will give you peace of mind.  Don't go in fear.  It is only a very small percentage that finds the bleeding is for other reasons.


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