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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Check-up

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Check-Up:

A healthy sexual life is our natural pursuit that a positive attitude towards sex is very important. Although there are still many taboos related to sexual matters, sexually transmitted diseases should not be neglected. STDs affect all men and women despite their ages and backgrounds. People may get infection as long as any unprotected sexual encounters happen. Thus, Imran'z Clinic comprehensive check-up plan that help to manage sexual health and prevent diseases transmission.

Consult Doctor to Erase Worry:

If you have been exposed to any unprotected sexual encounters, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. As STDs have different hidden periods, it would give inaccurate results if performing check-up in a wrong test and wrong time. A professional doctor would advise the most suitable check-up and treatment to erase the worry about STDs.

Prevent spreading Of STDs:

Some STDs have hidden periods and no symptom. A regular STDs check-up would help detect diseases at early stage. Patients without STDs check-up would unknowingly transmit a disease to others.

Protection For Stable Relationship:

Using condom is an effective way for preventing sexually transmitted diseases. However, couples may decide not to use condom at some stages in their relationship. STDs check-up provides them an option to ensure there is no current infection to affect their health.

STDs affect Your Next Generation:

If STDs happen in pregnant women, the diseases can be transmitted to the baby during childbirth. It may also cause spontaneous abortion, premature birth and permanent neurological damage to the newborn. Other than HIVS, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Syphilis would lead to serious consequences.

STDs can Be Fatal:

Untreated STDs can cause continued uncomfortable or painful symptoms, and lead to serious complications such as sterility, liver failure, cancers of penis/ vagina/ vulva/ anus, heart valves problems, joint problems, neurological problems and even death. Many STDs can be treated and cured effectively if they are diagnosed and treated early. Do not hesitate to seek medical help if any suspicious symptoms developed, even they are mild.

Imran'z Clinic provides latest technology for a more accurate and quick result to diagnose STDs.


Our center provides STDs Package, we provide tests on:





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