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Tips for Better Sex after Pregnancy

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Tips for Better Sex after Pregnancy:

Sexual intercourse after giving birth may be the last thing on your mind at first. But as you get used to life with baby, you'll have questions about sex after pregnancy. Here's what you need to know.You will enjoy sex after pregnancy, but it will take time and planning. Issues like pain, bleeding, fatigue, breastfeeding, and your mood can all interfere with a normal return to pleasurable sexual intercourse after childbirth. After if you don't want to get pregnant again, you’ll need to decide on a birth control method.

Whether you gave birth vaginally or by caesarian section, your body needs time to heal before you can have intercourse after childbirth. Pain and vaginal discharge take time to go away. Most doctors advise waiting three to six weeks before resuming intercourse after giving birth. This is because:

Your cervix needs time to close.

Vaginal discharge takes time to stop.

Tears, incisions, and lacerations need time to heal.

Remember that everyone has different post-delivery physical issues to deal with. Once your doctor says it's safe for intercourse after giving birth, the ultimate decision is up to you.Here are some tips that can help:

Rethink intimacy: Sexual intercourse is not the only choice for sexual intimacy. Work on communication, spend time together, and look for other ways to express affection before jumping into intercourse.

►Use artificial lubrication as needed: A certain amount of discomfort is normal at first. Dryness and changes in vaginal anatomy may require artificial lubrication for a while. Try using a water-based lubricant and experiment with different sexual positions if penetration is still painful. 

►Pelvic exercises: The muscles that surround your vagina may need some help getting back into shape. Ask your healthcare provider about learning Kegel pelvic exercise techniques.

►Timing: Plan to have intimacy when you are well rested and won't be interrupted. This could be in the morning when you are fresh or during baby's naptime.

►Take good care of yourself: Getting back into your normal routine requires a healthy diet, regular exercise, good hydration, and as much rest as possible.

Being a new parent is a big responsibility and requires a tremendous amount of energy. It takes time for your body and your mind to recover from pregnancy. You need to have reasonable expectations and go at your own speed. With some patience and planning, sexual intercourse after giving birth can be an intimate and pleasurable experience again.